About The Artist

I am a full time artist living in Seattle Wa. I live in a tiny house on a hill with my husband, crazy tortie cat, and one sweet but insane miniature pinscher.
I was born in the summer time in Oregon. At the time my dad was a logger and my mom was a factory worker. My sister was happy to meet me, she was already old enough to ride bikes and have pets and listen to cassette tapes. I have been in Washington since I was about 5 or so. We traveled around a lot because of my dads work and we even lived on two islands, and a little boat for a time and I loved playing with all the strange sea creatures that live in our icy Northwest waters.

I am self taught, no degree or anything. I prefer to work with acrylic paint. I like to paint girls, blood, and strange things. Dreams, nightmares, fairy tales, they all make their way into my paintings.

For four years I owned and curated a little gallery, Eight And Sand, in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. I put on monthly shows, solo ,and group. I enjoyed promoting other hard working, local, and non local artists. I learned a lot and met many wonderful people during this time and will be forever grateful for the experience. I have also worked in two other collaborative gallery spaces, the now defunct EchoEcho and the still thriving Push/Pull who I still show with.

My work has been published in 7, soon to be 8 Tarot decks produced by the 78 Tarot Project, and few books over the years, most notably in Big Eye Art Resurrected And Transformed by Blonde Blythe aka Toni Boozer.

I have been in many art shows over the years showing mainly around Seattle and a little nationally. I currently have artwork on display around Seattle and In Los Angeles, at Hive Gallery DTLA.

If you are a curator or art director and you would like to work with me you can contact me at [email protected] and I can send you a CV if you like. Thank you.
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